UA-47434375-1 Episode 80- What Is Measuring the Value of Sound (Part One)

Episode 80- What Is Measuring the Value of Sound (Part One)

What Is Measuring the Value of Sound (Part One) with Damian Scragg of Veritonic. We talked about human subjectivity to musical choice is relevant but so is your target audience and the data. 

To check out my interview with Scott Simonelli, CEO of Veritonic, check out Episode 15 and 16

To learn more about sound in marketing, check out some cool resources, take some awesome courses, and join a cool community, go to  If you’re a brand that needs help navigating the soundscape, want to get a more specific assessment of options and trends in sound or voice first or looking to create some custom and curated sound, go to and let’s discuss further.

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This episode was produced by Dreamr Productions and hosted, written, and edited by me, Jeanna Isham.

Let’s make this world of sound more intriguing, more unique, and more and more on brand.

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