UA-47434375-1 Episode 14- Podcast Your Brand with Matty Staudt [Part Two]

Episode 14- Podcast Your Brand with Matty Staudt [Part Two]

Thanks for joining me on the Sound In Marketing podcast for part two of my interview with Matty Staudt, former VP of Podcast Programming at iHeartRadio and current CEO and founder of Jam Street Media a podcast production company for brands.  

My name is Jeanna Isham and I’m Head of Audio at Dreamr Productions and Stage Ham Entertainment.

Matty predicts, and I tend to agree that we are in a reboot of the 2001 .com and apps era.  The buzz is hot, the advertising dollar spend is high, and so everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.  But that doesn't necessarily mean they will succeed.  Those without a true plan will experience "pod fade".  They'll realize it's an actual job and drop off.  Those that are tried and true will have a great ROI.

So when it is time to start a podcast for your brand, put some thought into it before launching.  “No one is ever good at it right away.” Matty stated. With any craft or new project, it takes trial and error.  And until you try, you just don’t know what will come out of it.

Matty has 3 E’s that he carefully considers when starting any new podcast.  Empathy; a good podcast creates an empathetic experience. Education; is there an educational factor that goes along with the podcast?  People want to learn. They are interested in the world. And lastly, is it entertaining? Is it good?

But it's not all about the end product.  In order to be successful a brand must actually market the product.  They can't just sit on their hands and wait for their audience to come to them.  And don't forget networking and connections.  The space is still friendly and people are helpful.  Take advantage of this opportunity (in a good way) and see how you can help others succeed and they will most likely reciprocate.

We are living in a screenless society.  What does that mean? It means that we have become so busy that we don’t have time to look down at our phone screens let alone a computer screen.  So existing in the audio world for a brand or a company is essential.  

I hope you enjoyed today's episode of Sound In Marketing.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio, and Stitcher

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To get ahold of Matty, you can find him on Linkedin and Twitter and for more information on his company go to Jam Street Media.

To get ahold of me, you can find me at Dreamr Productions.  That’s , Linkedin and Facebook.  You can also email me at 

Let’s make this world of sound more intriguing, more unique, and more on brand.

In these episodes, Matty and I discussed a number of different topics which included:

  • What makes a good podcast
  • How to decide the definition of your podcast’s ROI
  • Is a podcast for everyone?
  • The three E’s
  • Advertising in the podcast space
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