UA-47434375-1 Episode 13- Podcast Your Brand With Matty Staudt [Part One]

Episode 13- Podcast Your Brand With Matty Staudt [Part One]

Today I’m joined by Matty Staudt former Vice President of Podcast Programming at iHeartRadio.  Just recently, he took his passion for podcasting full time devoting his full efforts to his company Jam Street Media a podcast production company for brands.  

Matty is not new to the world of audio.  At age 16, he started in broadcast at his hometown radio station then off to CBS Radio to produce the G Gordon LIddy Show in DC, The Sports Guys at WNEW NYC and Alice Radio and Live 105 as the AM Executive Producer in San Francisco.  In 2007, he left traditional radio, and became Stitcher’s first Director of Content.  

I am really glad that he’s joining me today.  Matty has a wealth of knowledge on what a podcast can look like for a brand, why a podcast is relevant to a brand, and how a brand can go about finding their podcast story.  Not to mention he helped start Stitcher. I feel that gives him more than a little bit of an authority on this.

And while we’re on the subject of Stitcher.  If you’re interested in a one month free trial of Stitcher Premium, head on over to and use promo code SOUNDINMARKETING today.  It’s a great platform and free.  So check it out. I’m planning on signing up too so I’ll let you know what I think.

So sit back and enjoy.  Yet again, too much good stuff for one episode so here is Part One of My Interview with Matty Staudt on the Sound In Marketing Podcast.  My name is Jeanna Isham and I’m Head of Audio at Dreamr Productions and Stage Ham Entertainment.

Emerging audio and sound technologies are new to us all.  None of us have it figured it out because it is in constant flux.  This is a new age, a new empire. Now is the time to experiment, research, and dig a little deeper.  Pay attention to the things that are just barely surfacing and look closer to see what hasn’t surfaced yet.  Be inquisitive, be curious, ask questions. The only way any of us will be able to get ahead in this is if we work together and share clues.  We all bring different things to the table so don’t see your peers as threats, see them as reinforcement. 

I hope you enjoyed today's episode of Sound In Marketing.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio, and Stitcher

And don’t forget to enter promo code SOUNDINMARKETING for your one month free trial of Stitcher Premium.  The link and promo code will be listed in the show notes of this episode.

To get ahold of Matty, you can find him on Linkedin and Twitter.  For more information on his company go to Jam Street Media.  

To get ahold of me, you can find me at Dreamr Productions.  That’s , Linkedin and Facebook.  You can also email me at 

Let’s make this world of sound more intriguing, more unique, and more on brand.

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